Wednesday, 25 January 2012


to add it to our video we had to change the size and add a slide filter in order to make it a temporary fix on the first shot of the video.

The indent we created using adobe photo shop, has helped piece our music video together, it is now more identifiable and you can now imagine it being distributed on to the scuzz music chanel.

Friday, 6 January 2012

final actual edit


after finishing the poster we established that their was some well needed branding that needed to be added in order to make the poster more authentic. to do this meant revisiting the rough trade record website where we saw the icons from youtube, my space, twitter and facebook on every single artist. making it a consitent feature and connection that rough trade have.

^^^ the poster above was a draft we used the scuzz font for the whole reviwe comment and realised we needed to change that.

draft font


the font is more clear and enhances the recognised font of SCUZZ

Thursday, 5 January 2012


the above is the prijnt screen image that is found on every rough trade artist on thw rought rade website. its shows a conection to the world biggest network sites (facebook and twitter)

- this is a very important and cheapway to get popularity with music, it a free way to advertise and let the public find out about new songs and albums. a facebook page for the new album would build up a reputation

 -a way of recieving a large audience due to 'following' this makes it more accesible to see updates. people can use the follow update of singles being released, new album and possible tour dates and opinions, like facebook an easy and low fund method to create popularity.

MYSPACE- my space original was originally a social networking site, set up by justin timberlake and specific media LLC, so has had a heavy musical background and influence a perfect opportunity to view new videos and ideas.

youtube recognised for being the ultimate library of video. it has a HUGE audience and is the best way to view videos. in the music industry youtube is used in great detail. if a new video will come out of an artist then youtube is the best place to look at other video by the artist to build an opinion.

All four icons create an authentic and recognisable. and follow the consistent branding that the rough trade record website follow with all of their artist.

pearl jam is a goodexample of how branding works '' however me and emma have discussed what we should include and felt that adding more accessible places such as facebook and twitter would increase our audience