Tuesday, 29 November 2011



these images were taken by Emma as evidence of our afternoon of filming.
the day overall was succesfull, howver we did come across some difficulties involving our tapes. unfortunately as we arrived at one of our locations the tape ran out causing us to finish slightly early then planned, however we still go a lot of filming with dan completed.

we wanted to make dan appear in a daze, and wanted him to interact with his surroundings by touching the trees and being close with the nature. he really got comfortable with his character and began showing his meotion through the lyrics which was great. the location was perfect as it really contrasted with the harsh surroundings that we filmed Ezgi.

the next step for me and Emma is to start editing our footage and piecing it together with the music and ezgis part.

Thursday, 24 November 2011


today we will  be filmng in burley Forest the location is beautiful and contrasts with the harsh senvironment that we filmed Ezgi in.

our album cover has a very autumn feels illustrating alot of orange and red colours. durng our filming today we have planned to do a shot with dan led in the leaves (high angle shot) and we want the camera to spiral down closer to his face.

using the video camera we want to recreate this image in a slow spiral down to his face as he sings the lyrics
'and i have my room and yes, i cant disappear or leave you here.'



as well as this emma has skecthed some of the angles in connection to the lyrics. this include a slow pan of dans face starting with him looking own and slowly moving his head up to look up to the sky,
'and i am here right beside you'
pragmatically it will show him looking up towards heaven where she is now (after commiting suicide)
emma has also sketched shot of dan stood against the tree and slowly sliding down
'watching you drown ill follow you down, i am here right beside you'
this will show a link to the scene were Ezgi finally slips in the bath shown how he wants to meet her down there.

more evidence of planning. using lesson time to prepare story boards of filming.

planning in detail
making usre that there is nothing to hold us back on our filming. we need to make sure we use the time at the location sufficiently and the weather forcast is essential.


we really liked this edit however looking at the other photographs we took we decided that this was the best imageso applied the edit. we made it our priority to make sure 'broken dreams' was seen first as this is what will make the advert recognisible. amazon is the one of the leading music retailers so we found that to show it was available on amazon would also appeal to our audience.

to edit we used picnik and photo shop to apply all the final touches and the text.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

IDEA 1 and 2


- the image is effective, the green colours look really nice
-orbe- an orbe is the ligtht on the right hand side it is known to be a spirit, as it is on Ezgis side it can symbolise her death (as seen in the music video 'forgetting Mary'
-the photo looks to clean for the title 'broken dreams' it needs to have an element of darkness to it.


-the darkness of Ezgi really gives the impression she is shadowing Dan
-the border also makes the photo look tighter and this reflects on the name 'broken dreams' as broken illustrates  pain and emotion.
-dan wearing white really enhances him as a character bring your attension to him first
-the broken dreams title slanted could be changed to straight so that it goes with the other text


this florence and the machine album advert uses a variety of dark greens and brown. the idea of nature around her brings a sence of emotion. the white writting also stand out very well, so we have experimented with tese range of colours and the out come has been very effective.

FINAL after ammendments

we have edited the last few things on the digi pack 1. being the text in the top right panel the text as you could see covered  a large amount of the image, so we have thought of an idea to make the text curve up the tree, helping the text to flow better as well as not hiding the edited image.

feed back
-'the white coloured writing works well as you can see it clearly and the contrast looks good'

 this is a close up of the last panel edit, with the added text curved down the tree, a time consuming effort but looks really effective.



17/11/11 today we are filming the final part of our music video, the lip syncing. we are filming in RINGWOOD HAMPSHIRE. locations where me and emma can

Ringwood, road bridgerailway line bridge

Bridge across former railway line, Ringwoodnew industrial area

Bickerley Mill Streambickerly mill stream
Shady side of the bridge, River Avon, RingwoodShady side of the bridge, River Avon,

Our actor is called Dan Finn, we have already had a photo shoot with him and knows that his appearance goes really well. we are also doing a second shoot today incorporating Ezgi (female part) so we can photograph of them both together for our poster. the magazine poster is going to be illustrating the one image where they are linked together and the relationship from the music video is shown.

FINAL DIGI PACK- we need feed back please


SOO FAR we have added it to facebook to recieve constrcutive critisms and to see what people think about the images ect. i will do another blog post when we have had more feed back about the over all digi pack. the deadline is today so we are just waiting for any more feed back so that we can make any final ammendments. PLEASE LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

final edits for digi pack

the barcode and record label are very imortan on an alubm we needed to make sure that we were precise and made the overlook of the digi pack <<very authentic
this is just a rough idea of what you would normally exect to find on the back of a digi pack

this slide share shows a great example on slide 5 wth the back of madonnas digi pack and with slide 6 with eminem. both show a barcode, record label and the song titiles aswell as the the small print illustating distributors ect

our chosen record label is still rough trade and this image shall be made smaller and placed on the back of our digi pack. >>

these are the last few images which i edited for our digi pack

both images were edited for he digi pack, however once applied we found that they were too similar and the pattern on the bath tub was the reason for this
this image is the only image on our digi pack that doesnt including either 'Marcus Pearce' or the female actress from our music video. this adds more of an artisitic feel to the albumn.

therfore we chose to use the one with ezgi in the the bath as the cigarette image contrasts too much with the leaves and the autumn feel we have.

i altered the exposure of the image and then softened the background with the tree and sharpened his face in order to enhance it

i edited this image to make it link with the frint cover image. the exposure of the image makes the reds and yellows look really strong. keeping in touch with the autum feel that i edited for the front cover.

in the process, now all we have left to do is add the final touches to the digipack, this  meean making sure the images ALL fit well within the panels, this means checking in detail whether they look slightly warped, as well as this we need to plan out what we are going to say about the instrumentalist that helped create the band

Thursday, 10 November 2011


this image is the orinial, i thought i would use an image of Ezgi our female part as she is a massive figure in the music video and is in majority of the scenes. so i thought i could experiment with her image first and see what feed back i got from it.

this was my first attempt in creating a poster advert for a magazine.

 i showed the image to class peers and this is what was said...
- the image is potraying the wrong idea, it tells the audience that the female is marcus pearce, rather then the actress in the music video
-the font of Marcus Pearce should be kept the same as the digi pack, however you could change the font for the rest of the words
-the colour scheme goes well, it looks really indie and effective.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


 the image to the right is the edit, i used photo shop just to play around with the colours and tone making the image more deep and contrasting it with the plain block font that has been researched in a previous blog post
the image to the left is the original. we decided due to the season and environment that an autumn theme would work well.

the image of florence is postiond really well i like the idea of her being hidden in the leaves. while doing our photoshoot we looked for location that had this background. this autuminal season emphasises on death and re growth, which represent conntoations that we want to give to dan (male actor) showing his loss for ezgi ( girlfriend)

the image to the right is also an original. i like this image alot and think that it would look good as one of the 5 images in our digi pack.

i have chosen not to add text to this image as i think it would ruin the peacfull effect that it has, i have played around with the exposure of the image and made it more brighter and enhanced the colours
 forgetting mary is the name of the video although we would not use one picture dedicated to the song name i wanted to experiment with what picture we could use for illustrating the list of songs on the album.
the image to the right has been edited using an online image edit website called Picnik, i used a variety different edits including a shadown around the edge of the picture making the image look more narrow.
below is an image of the snger 'ED SHEERAN'this idea of connecting with nature is now more commonly seen in main stream music adverts and in videos. we have tried to challenge this concept by applying it to our singer who is alternative rock 'indie' making the music advertsing as a whole more appealing to the public eye, but still keeping it within the genre, we have done this by keeping dan in none branded clothing and making sure his appearance is not artifical (scruffy hair and natural poses)VVVV
i took in consideration the feed back and made teh artist name bigger and changing the name to broken dreams which gives it a more softer approach and goes better with the album image.
I edited this image and add the text to see what potential it had to be our album cover. i love the image, and have used the same font as other images.
i asked peer for feedback on what they thought and this is what they said...
Leah Beavis -the name of the artist needs to be bigger then the album name in order to show that it is not a band but a solo artist
-the name 'broken glass' seems to harsh on top of the leafy autmn background, maybe a softer name like 'broken dreams' would not only show that the album is emotional but also that its about pain.
Florence and the machine use the autuminal effect location quite alot. me and emma really like this idea and used it as a consistent theme through out of advert and digipak photo shoots. the colour are very warm and add a sense of mystery as well pronoting the anxiety that we want to develop for our character in the video. in some sence the autuminal effect make florence look slightly lost, this ambiguity is what we want dan to look like showing his emotion towards ezgi.

Friday, 4 November 2011

digipak comaparison

Ann Kirsten Kennis on the cover of Vampire Weekend's album Contra

a simple facial expression really makes the text stand out. inspired by the Vampire weekend poster.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

inspiration for image edits

i love this cover for the rolling stones, the dirty orange/yellow look is really effective.
in contrast the cooler colours also are very effective and the use of a human figure matched with block text is very bold.
joni mitchells album shows alot of emotion the close up the face has inspired us to take photos of ezgi in a close up setting in order to see pain, confusion ect. this adds alot of emotion to the album and tells us that there is a narrative in the songs.
cigarettes are quite key in our filming we used the light and smoke of the cigarette as a feature in our filming this joni mitchell album shows us emotion, she seems fed up, but with the cigarette and smoke in the picture it adds a really nice calming effect.


 both image have beeen edited for the digi pack, so far we are only plyaing around with images of ezgi but will will soon be incorporating images of the male singer as well.

Plan B uses the same theme and actress in a varety of his music videos, he tells a narrative that creates a relationship between the songs. the audience then become part of a journey and get to know the characters in the videos. i really like this idea and feel that using more images of ezgi as well the male singer can show that the album tells a story rather then random one off tracks.