Thursday, 17 November 2011


17/11/11 today we are filming the final part of our music video, the lip syncing. we are filming in RINGWOOD HAMPSHIRE. locations where me and emma can

Ringwood, road bridgerailway line bridge

Bridge across former railway line, Ringwoodnew industrial area

Bickerley Mill Streambickerly mill stream
Shady side of the bridge, River Avon, RingwoodShady side of the bridge, River Avon,

Our actor is called Dan Finn, we have already had a photo shoot with him and knows that his appearance goes really well. we are also doing a second shoot today incorporating Ezgi (female part) so we can photograph of them both together for our poster. the magazine poster is going to be illustrating the one image where they are linked together and the relationship from the music video is shown.

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