Wednesday, 16 November 2011

final edits for digi pack

the barcode and record label are very imortan on an alubm we needed to make sure that we were precise and made the overlook of the digi pack <<very authentic
this is just a rough idea of what you would normally exect to find on the back of a digi pack

this slide share shows a great example on slide 5 wth the back of madonnas digi pack and with slide 6 with eminem. both show a barcode, record label and the song titiles aswell as the the small print illustating distributors ect

our chosen record label is still rough trade and this image shall be made smaller and placed on the back of our digi pack. >>

these are the last few images which i edited for our digi pack

both images were edited for he digi pack, however once applied we found that they were too similar and the pattern on the bath tub was the reason for this
this image is the only image on our digi pack that doesnt including either 'Marcus Pearce' or the female actress from our music video. this adds more of an artisitic feel to the albumn.

therfore we chose to use the one with ezgi in the the bath as the cigarette image contrasts too much with the leaves and the autumn feel we have.

i altered the exposure of the image and then softened the background with the tree and sharpened his face in order to enhance it

i edited this image to make it link with the frint cover image. the exposure of the image makes the reds and yellows look really strong. keeping in touch with the autum feel that i edited for the front cover.

in the process, now all we have left to do is add the final touches to the digipack, this  meean making sure the images ALL fit well within the panels, this means checking in detail whether they look slightly warped, as well as this we need to plan out what we are going to say about the instrumentalist that helped create the band

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