Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Candy-O       The    Cars- Candy-O 

The Parkerilla

Baby shambles


the images above are some that i have collected as inspiration for our digi pack, there are in similar layout to the image of Ezgi that we took during the filming process.

i like the idea of some of the images in the digi pack being in black and white, and enhancing feature of the photo like the shadows ect...

In contrast...

images like this from 'papercuts'- show how the idea of laying down can be more peaceful. i really like the location of nature and think that when contrasting our dark side that we have with our female actress that a more atuminal setting would looking very effective.


image presented by paramore also show how even rock genres can be set in the woodland. i really like this idea. and due to us being located by the new forest it means we have a perfect location accessible to us. 

similarly RADIOHEAD also loacates its videos in woodland areas, shown in this image. it could mean a more emotive narrative from our male actor who is doing the lip syncing.

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