Thursday, 20 October 2011


Birth Of A Hero28 Days Later
these are the fonts that i have found, i think the rustic look would go well with the type of music that we are advertisng on the digi pack.

27x40 Movie Posters<---- this font is my inspiration, taking from the ban of brothers poster.


Smoking Women05_picsASIANINTUB.jpg Asian taking a bath Stock Photo - portrait of woman 
smoking, black 
and white studio 
shot. fotosearch 
- search stock 
photos, pictures, 
wall murals, images, 
and photo clipart^^^^ these images are ones i have found on the interent, i have been inspired by the images that we took during filming the 'bath scenes' and have found thses images that add to my ideas.

this is an image we took during filming that we think would work really well as a cover for our digi pack. edited in black or white it would have an interesting effect.

 heavily influneced by the album cover by baby shambles. they use a retro image with the black and white edit. the women laying dead on the bed is how we tried to portray Ezgi laying on the flow in a staggered way.

this image is also one that we created in order to give the feeling death, her white dress really stands out against the dark dirty background.

Ann Kirsten Kennis on the cover of Vampire Weekend's album Contra Me and Emma both agered that this image really has a strong effect through its connotations. the edit has made it have an element of innocence to it. the bold font in white really shows a contrast which we think would go really well with the image we have taken. (birth of a hero font in white)

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