Thursday, 15 September 2011


this is just roughly what the story line is, i have a strong image in my head and have tried to portray this as well as possible on my blog

-Male and female break up
-female becomes goes out partying
- male is worried and constantly calling
-female suffers with depression amongst other personal issues
-female stumbles home one nihgt (or day) after a partying, potraying a prostitutes life syle and appearance
-she takes off her leather jacket and boots looks at her phone ringing and chucks on the floor
-she gets in the bath fully clothed wearing a white thin dress
-make up, and body filthy dirty, blood and scratches and bruises
-male keeps calling from his own flat
-female reaches out picks up her phone then drops it in the bath
-male notices that the phone has stopped ringing
-he gets up and leaves (slow motion) hes running through alley ways and dark streets
-shes feeling weaker and weaker, she has consumed drugs
-she lights a cigarette and smoke hovers around her
-the bath water is muggy and dark
-he is running up to her house
-she drops the cigarette in the bath (she is dying)
-hes is running up her stairs
-her head is slowly going further and further down the side of the bath reaching the water
-suddenly her head is completely under
-he reaches the landing and opens the door
-he races forward and lifts her out,

two possible ideas for endings!

1. he picks her out but the music video stops and leaves the audience without knowing the outcome (DEAD OR ALIVE)
2. she is dead and he lifts her body out and carries is somewhere???

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