Tuesday, 20 September 2011


i found the image below on deviant art photography! the shots have really inspored me as they are very intense and create a strong emotion that is gripping! the sound track really enahces this idea of drowning an water and to connect this further our shots especially during the bath scenes shall be focussing on the water and what a powerful weapon it can be.

Me and Emma both agree that the intensity of the music should be very strongly represented through imagary, hence why our research has been specifically into suicide and pain! zoomed in camera shots shall be very important within our music video, also slow motion is very importan to keep in sync with the pace of the music!

Smudged make up and tired eyes on the female show how her dignity has been lost and the pain that has developped from inside has now formes to a more phycical state!

i really liked this image becasue of the low angle. and the direct feel it has upon the girl, her make up is also something that is interesting as it tells a story of what has happened just from the one static picture. also the staggered layout of her hand and body also give the image a more graphic and intense look.

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